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Hot Commodity: the collision of mental health and tech

A therapists' guide to the business side of mental health tech startups.

My work bridges the gap between companies and clinicians- and that gap seems to gets wider every day.

Business leaders and therapists promote the same agenda: improving mental health outcomes. 

Their strategies and worldviews, though, couldn't be more different.

When investors started pouring millions of dollars into the field, they created a whole new industry:

"Mental Health Tech."

As long as the two sides of this new industry are siloed- mental health experts on one side, and tech/business experts on the other side, we'll struggle to find solutions.


We'll spend more time clarifying terms and questioning intentions than we do solving problems.

That's why I created this guide, with assistance from business and technology experts: to help therapists understand what's happening to the mental health industry, and empower them to take part in the conversation confidently.

I'm also working on a podcast of the same name, aimed at bringing these sides closer together.

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