A business leader who values authenticity and customer connection.


A conversion copywriter and strategist who believes marketing doesn't have to be manipulative.


A match made in heaven.


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Companies I've worked with:
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Saks Fifth Avenue

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Tend Academy


Praxis CET

"Explain what you do again?"

"... and people pay you for that?"

"I write for companies, Mom.  I help them figure out how to connect with customers and make sales.  Using data."

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I focus on customer connection across the sales funnel,

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As a former mental health clinician, I'm professionally trained to collect qualitative information through interviews. These skills help me conduct amazing customer interviews- getting the data you need to map the customer journey and figure out what makes your clients tick.

I offer consultation services for wellness brands that need a mental health professional on the marketing team.

If you've got a tricky project that could use a mental health professional with a finger on the pulse of CRO, I'd be happy to take a look.

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Services &

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"Megan knows her stuff. She asks all the right questions and really gets to the heart of your business. If you’re looking for a copywriter who is intelligent, professional, and detail-oriented - stop looking. You found her."

Amanda O’Handley
Communications & Content Lead, TEND Academy