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Sublime Shift Studio has been helping professionals reach their full potential for years.  I helped them capture leads and connect with clients by creating two high-conversion landing pages.

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"Before hiring Megan, I was completely stuck with not having a creative direction for my landing pages. I knew I needed to take an action, but still, I couldn’t move forward without creative confidence. The inaction resulted in delaying opportunities to connect to new customers.

When I discovered Megan, I was thrilled to learn about her copywriting services and her strong technical competencies in a related field. I easily delegated all strategic creative decisions to Megan, knowing that she had skills and a relevant but fresh perspective to fully own creative direction and execution.

Megan proved to be amazing! Working with her was a dream. She was highly professional, prompt, and genuinely cared about the success of my business. I am a repeat client, and I look forward to many more projects with her. I highly recommend Megan and her services to anyone looking to connect better to their clients and customers."

― Svetlana Dimovski, PhD.

Executive Coach & Founder of Dharma Growth

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